The Guernsey Union d’Escrime LBG is Guernsey’s Governing Body for fencing.  We are mandated to develop and encourage fencing in Guernsey to the highest possible level.


The Board of the Guernsey Union d'Éscrime LBG consists of:

Mr Patrick Firth: Director and President

Mr Neil Marais: Director and Treasurer 

Mr Meyrick Simmonds: Director and Secretary

Mr Graham Chester Child Protection Officer (01481-747273)


(April 2018)


Registered Office:    Castellane, Les Abreuveurs, St Sampson, Guernsey GY1 4XB


We facilitate training courses for coaches and fencers in Guernsey.  We administer fencing competitions at all levels in Guernsey, and across the Channel Islands.  We also assist the running of the Island’s fencing clubs by providing administrative and grant aid.


We select fencers to compete at international level and provide financial and administrative support to send them abroad.


Fencing in Guernsey is thriving at several levels.


Our Veteran fencers have competed in recent Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships, and have in the past come home with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in both individual and team events.


Elizabeth College, Guernsey’s independent boy’s school, has been the best independent fencing school in the entire UK.  At recent Public Schools Fencing Championships, the largest fencing competition in Great Britain in terms of participation, the College has returned with several trophies.


Guernsey youth fencers have also competed successfully in Junior Commonwealth Fencing Championships and have returned with medals.


At beginner level, fencing also attracts huge interest in Guernsey.  


Fencing has also been one of the most subscribed sports in recent Guernsey Youth Games.  Indeed, such was the demand for places in the last of these Games that several youngsters had to be turned away because there was a lack of sufficient coaches and equipment to cater for all those who had applied.


The ‘Musketeers’, the junior arm of the Sarnia Sword Club, offers an introduction to fencing for juniors.